Server downtime or employees not being able to work efficiently due to slow and underperforming computer equipment - these situations can be some of the most costly day to day issues facing organisations today. Whether you're an enterprise or a small start up Gecom Solutions can provide flexible IT support services across a number of hardware and software platforms, to meet the demands of businesses who rely on their IT infrastructure.

Pro-active Support: Catching the problem before it's a problem.

With regular checks and constant system monitoring we pride ourselves on catching the majority of issues before it is a problem for end users. We keep a watchful eye on key components of your network and server configurations, to address the most common issues associated with system downtime in order to keep your business' servers up and running.

On site Support: Regular visits and quick response.

Gecom Solutions have highly trained network engineers available to provide on-site support for your business. These visits also enable our engineers to build up working relationships with your employees so that we can better tailor our services to meet the needs of your business. 

Remote Support: Just a phone call or an email away.

Our team of expert help desk engineers are just a call away and can help with the vast majority of IT issues over the phone, by email or via a remote connection to your IT network. Regardless of the issue or how you prefer to contact us, our team is dedicated to finding a solution as quickly as possible.